How To Make An Office Chair Taller?

Most office chairs come in a variety of styles and designs. You can select from these chairs in a variety of ways, including by pushing a button. It is necessary to adjust the elevation of an office chair to your exact specifications for maximum comfort. In this article, we will describe how to make an office chair taller.

The bulk of the planet’s land is used for public benefit. Dongles are not different; they each have a strict height limit, but the shortest setting is designed for a majority of individuals. The same goes for office desk chairs; there is a height for all ages, but not every person can reach it easily.

The highest viewpoint is still too brief for the tallest people. These are not major scenarios in most cases. An entryway being too brief for a tall person is a tribulation, but the worst is that your head goes through a couple of knocks when you hit that region. For an office chair, the matter can do even more damage. Bad ergonomic sense may result in back and neck pain.

How To Make An Office Chair Taller?

How To Make An Office Chair Taller

Determine The Magnitude Of The Necessary Height

Sit at the edge of your chair to determine the appropriate height for it. Having the seat’s edge at or slightly above the height of your kneecaps means that your knees should be at right angles (90 degrees). If the chair (henceforth his legs) is higher than the waist, then it is too high. Given that the knees are higher than the waist and the angle at the back of your knees is less than 90 degrees, the chair is too short. We’ll focus on the chair that’s too low as the simple lowering of the high ones involves levers.

You may also measure the width of the chair versus the height of the desk that you’ll be seated at for your work. As a chair is positioned at the right height, your forearms (elbow to palm) should be horizontal to the ground. Practically, the desk should be parallel to the armrests.

Type Of Chair

There are 3 kinds of chairs that distinguish themselves from each other based on the adjustment methods. Each of these styles of the chair features a different adjustment method. Adapting each type of chair slightly differs, although a few methods can be used for each standing chair.

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Adjust The Height Of The Chair

During the subsequent procedures, you will have a good idea of how high up your chair you will need to get the most comfortable sitting position. Some various settings for your chair height will be revealed to you below.


The methods you can use to raise your chair to the desired height. Furthermore, recognizing how to increase office chair height requires that you know the type of chair and how to deter suitable height adjustment procedures. If you want to raise the office chair without a lever, you will need to use the threaded post, pieces of wood, a height extension kit, a longer gas lift cylinder, and bigger wheel casters.

By Height Adjustment Lever

Gas cylinder office chairs typically have an upward direction adjustment control lever that the sitter lifts and uses to adjust the chair to the wanted height. With this lever, you can set the chair at a particular height and release it back to its initial location when the chair is at the desired height.

By Using The Wood Pieces

In order to raise the seat a few inches, you may place a wooden plank between the upper part of the seat and the lower part of the chair. To do so, you should employ long screws or nuts. Use a drill to make a hole in the middle of 2×2 inches of a piece of wood. This will enable the screws to pass through.

Fit these square wooden pieces together based on the number of screws you need. For instance, if you have four screws, then make four of these. Now, attach the chair base with the underside while placing these wooden pieces between the seat and the bottom part. You will feel that the seat is elevated to the correct height.

Via A Gas Cylinder

How much the length of the gas cylinder in a lift chair determines the height of the chair. Chairs made to accommodate standard sizes feature a gas cylinder with a travel stroke of around 5 inches. If the chair needed to be fully extended but was not yet at the correct height, you could replace it with a longer gas cylinder with a higher stroke.

For a gas leak, buying a tool that has a strike range of nearly 5 inches is the best choice. The highest available on some devices is a little over 8 inches, which is an appropriate height for seated toilets.

By Threaded Post

If the chair you’re sitting on has a seat post under the seat, follow these steps to adjust the height. Turn the chair upside down so that the base is facing forwards. Bend the legs of the seat post upward so that the base switches face downwards. Oil the post in the ground when the lubricant has been excessive, and use clean water to wipe away the excess. Clean the surface with a rug-making sure that the dirt is cleaned away from the threads.

Secure the chair so that it doesn’t move in any direction.  d. First, raise the chair by putting the base in another direction.  Make sure that the threaded post is not being knocked over rather than the wheel.  Then you can turn and move the chair.  Does the height of the chair fit your requirements?  If it does not, you can adjust the seat height as needed.


There are a few different ways that you can make your office chair taller. You can add height to the chair with a pillow or cushion, use a footstool to raise your feet, or change the height of your chair’s seat. Whichever method you choose, be sure to test it out for a while to make sure that you’re comfortable, and that it’s working well for you.

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