How To Remove The Gas Lift From The Office Chair?

Knowing how to remove the gas lift from office furniture is advantageous in some situations. There will be instances when your office furniture will require replenishing, and possessing the know-how to eliminate the seat without a hitch will just make your life more convenient. In this blog, we will help you to know how to remove the gas lift from your office chair.

The hydraulic cylinder inside office chairs is powered by a propane gas cylinder which allows you to alter the chair’s position. Over time, this cylinder may wear down or be less effective but can be replaced in a straightforward manner. However, if your problem is the movement of your seat then you will need to replace the wheels or trim office floor matting instead of changing the office chair gas lift.

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How To Remove The Gas Lift From The Office Chair?

How To Remove The Gas Lift From The Office Chair

The thing you will require:

  • Rubber Mallet to remove the base, 
  • pipe watch to remove the old gas cylinder, 
  • INSIDER TIP to tap the base for removal of the seat by hand
  • Replacement Cylinder to install the new one in place of the old gas cylinder 
  • Lubricant

The Process To Remove The Gas Cylinder

Separate the appliance repair parts and communicate exactly what you’ll need in advance. It is beneficial to prepare everything you need first to make all tools easily reachable and close to you. Make sure to have solid rubber gloves, and newspapers to clean the surface of the floor in case of stains, a screwdriver, a pipe wrench, and a mallet. Having these materials can make the repair procedure more effortless.

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Removing The Parts Of The Chair

Make sure it’s in a flat, clear area on the floor. Using your foot, tap the small of the back of the chair until you can easily remove it from the base of the seat with your hands. The front of the seat should come off easily as well.  Make sure you get a good look at the plastic parts so you can identify them in case you ever need to replace them.  If you need to replace any of these, check out my handy little guide. 

Removing The Old Gas Cylinder From The Office Chair

After the base has been removed, you will feel the lower end of the chair cylinder. Take your hand crew and use it to secure the cylinder at the top of the pipe. Clamp it using a pipe wrench and then tighten it around the top, then twist.

A usual wrench is likely to require a lot of power, so you might wish to use a pipe wrench. Twist and loosen the gas lift lever, then pull upwards to be able to take it off. Be cautious as a result the plier may well scratch the gas lift.

Captive the gas lift lever, then you can set up a brand new one. Once you have a secure grip, pull the cylinder back and forth with the grips until all it has left it.

After a couple of these, you will be able to remove the base for good. You can now continue and replace the chair cylinder at the bottom of the pipe. If you have done it right, your chair should now be secure in place. 

Installing The New Cylinder

After the old rod is taken out, the new rod will get rid of its position easily, so installing the new rod is a cinch. Most used cylinders have the same dimension, so you will need to verify whether the rod will elevate to the level you need. Then just align the base of the new hydraulic rod with the center of the seat base and push it into place.

Installing a new rod in the office chair is an easy process that can be completed in less than an hour. The first step is to remove the old rod. This can be done by unscrewing the brackets that hold it in place. Once the old rod is removed, the new rod can easily be installed by screwing the brackets into place and slipping the new rod into them. Make sure that the new rod is level before securing it in place.

Joining The Office Chair

After the new hydraulic cylinder has been installed in the base pan of the seat, you can now slide it into the chair mechanism underneath the seat and place the seat in the upright position test. Verify that the new hydraulics are functioning to ensure that the chair is in line with your expectations and that you do not have any issues, like the chair leaning forward.


In conclusion, office chairs can be cumbersome and frustrating if the gas lift is not functioning properly. Fortunately, there are a few methods that can be used to remove the gas lift from the chair. Each of these methods has its own set of pros and cons, so it is important to choose the right one for the situation. Hopefully, this article has provided some useful information on how to fix an office chair that is giving trouble.

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